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Best Argentinian Dating Sites

A decade ago, it was hard to imagine that Argentina, a country known for conventional means of going on a date in bars, work, clubs, etc., would now be one of the most famous countries in terms of dating online. It is almost hard to imagine now that one dating site would not have Argentinian singles waiting for their knights.

Updated for July 2020

Best Latin Dating Sites 2020

Rank Our Score Rating Visit Site Review
1 LatinWomanLove logoLatinWomanLove 10 Visit Site Read review
2 9.8 Visit Site Read review
3 LatinLadyDate logoLatinLadyDate 9.5 Visit Site Read review
4 LatinBeautyDate logoLatinBeautyDate 9.3 Visit Site
5 LatamDate logoLatamDate 8.0 Visit Site

The modern world has changed to a great extent. People become more hectic dealing with a lot of work and not enough time; online dating has become an indispensable means of dating. Thus, progressively, online dating in Argentina has started to become quite popular. Thereby, if you are keen on a hot Argentinian woman, then you should give a try online. One-click can be the first step towards your love.

Online Dating In Argentina

vWe use the words best, top and unique in the article to express our opinion, which is subjective and you may not trust it.

Before diving into the oceans of the pleasures of dating Argentinian women, it is critical to have an idea of what you are supposed to know. Sites are plenty, or better to say that they are more than enough. There are many sites opening nowadays, and it is hard to catch up with the trends. Tendencies change, and people’s views change as well.

Consequently, people should be aware of the sites and what they offer. There are many criteria that are really important. They can design, interface, tools, services, etc. However, the most important part has always been the profile of the members, or simply speaking, humans represented on the site. The more real people are on the site, the more success matches are expected.


The site has long been used as one of the amazing dating platforms. When dating apps and sites started to become more popular, this site had its word on this stage. It started humbly but developed itself greatly. In the last years, it has contributed to many relationships, casual and serious ones.

Why Is It Worth Visiting This Site:

  • There are many Argentinian women online;
  • There are always active members;
  • Good quality profiles;
  • It has good safety measures against fake profiles;
  • It is a very popular dating site in Argentina.

Registration Process & Services

Being a brand of Cupid Media, it has a very serious signup process that is taken very seriously. Of course, you are not forced to fill every info about yourself, but you are strongly encouraged to do so. There are two options available: entering via email or Facebook account. It is highly advisable to complete your profile data comprehensively. The better this site knows you, the more perfect matches you will be offered.

Surely, you have the option to skip the questionnaire, but you will receive notifications that remind you to fill all the needed information. Also, it important that you not forget to upload the photo. Matching can be better processed with your photo available.

The site’s service provides users with well-optimized features. Sadly, not every feature is free of charge. The vast majority of the features and tools are paid ones. The features of the site are:

  • Preference-based search;
  • Audio and video chatting;
  • Ranking in searching;
  • VIP profile browsing;
  • Instant message;
  • Anonymous surfing.

Spotting Possible Matches

One of the ways to find your best match is through photos. However, you are not limited to that one. The second choice can photo plus some info about the user. With more specifications added, you also can apply the third way, which is photo alongside info and a short blurb. If you are interested in a much deeper analysis of the profile, then there is the fourth option, full profile. You simply get access to the member’s profile with no limits (unfortunately, these options are generally paid ones).


Besides being paid platform, there is one minus for this site is that it is quite expensive in comparison with other sites. Still, it is a fact that not everything good can be reasonable. Simply speaking, you had better be ready to pay to experience Argentinian dating. There are two options for payment available.

Gold Membership

  • 1-month membership will cost you $29.98
  • 3-month membership will cost you $20.00 per month
  • 1-year membership will cost you $10.00 per month

Platinum Membership

  • 1-month membership will cost you $34.99;
  • 3-month membership will cost you $23.33 per month;
  • 1-year membership will cost you $12,50 per month.

Match Argentina started its existence more than a decade ago. It is one of the best dating sites in Argentina. With this site, online dating in Argentina became a trend, and people started to date through this site.

Why Is It Worth Visiting This Site:

  • It is focused on Argentinian women;
  • There are also men available for dating;
  • The site is the most known in Argentina;
  • Active members are always found on the site;
  • Variety of services and perfect customer service.

Registration Process & Services

The process is not a long one. Actually to get registered on the site is not a complicated task. First of all, you will have to provide basic info: name, gender, email, etc. However, once you sign in, the process is not finished yet. Then, there will question popping up that you are advised to complete.

With the photo uploaded, you now can start the journey for your pleasure. You simply start browsing profiles in the hopes of finding better matches for yourself. For the men searching women, the best option is to surf through the profiles of the Argentinian women. The features of the site are

  • Messages;
  • Chatting;
  • Shuffling;
  • Incognito Mode;
  • Boosting profile;
  • Basic/Advanced search.

Spotting Possible Matches

To discover your true match, you need to know about how this works, in fact. Firstly, one way is to exploit basic search that has adjusted criteria with reference to the basic info of the site’s members. Anyway, the basic search locates matches that are kind of compatible, but still not to a full extent. The other complicated method is an advanced one with more sophisticated complexity. Here you are able to set more specific criteria. Through this search tool, your matches are rather suitable in comparison to the previous one.

Nevertheless, besides those methods, there is the other way, as well. This way of seeking the right person is known as the Shuffling. The profiles are set with no order, just randomly. Shortly speaking, you are offered some profiles randomly by the dating platform. What you do is liking or disliking the profiles. Following this, you receive notifications if there is mutual liking was done.


The sign-up and building profiles are free. With no fees, you can browse profiles and watch their video recordings. The feature Shuffle is also available for free but with limited access. Chatting is also possible for free.

However, other features are not free. One of the biggest disadvantages of the site is that all the things you can do for free are not sufficient to spot your best match. Like many dating sites in Argentina, for the better quality, you ought to pay.

The prices are relatively high, but still affordable, given the features provided:

  • 3-month period membership costs $27.99
  • 6-month period membership costs $23.99
  • 1-year period membership costs $20.99
Updated on Jun 2020
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