Now on the Internet, you can find any information because modern technologies have reached a rather high level. And when it comes to finding love for life, future wife, it would be rational to turn to help with specialized sites that have vast experience in this topic and are ready to help you. You should not restrict your city or country as they are international sites. One of them is MatchTruly.

About MatchTruly

MatchTruly is a real find for people who want to unite their lives into one. Thanks to the work of professional programmers, the site is at a very high level and easy to use. The system saves you time because you only focus on finding a couple without thinking about how this works.

If you go to the site for the first time, you will immediately notice that it is not like other similar websites. It is very unlikely that you will have a quality problem with understanding the site. It is decorated in a minimal style, the colors are very calm, and the design is modern and comfortable to perceive. On this platform, you can find gorgeous women from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, and Bulgaria and have a long-term relationship with them.

It does not matter who you are and where you are from. You can be young and single or mature and divorced. No matter what, you will still find a person who suits you. There are more than four million users registered on the site, and about a thousand new ones join each day. All users are international, and almost 90 percent of the profiles are with photos. More than 8 thousand people are currently online, which provides a very high activity of the site.

Easy to Use

When you go to the site, you can register immediately, and it will take very little time. You only need to fill in the fields of the email, the name, the password, which is your gender and date of birth for a better search. After registering, you will immediately have access to a system where you can view the profiles of foreign women. But if you want to access advanced search and tools, you need to buy a paid version, which costs very little.

After registering, you have the opportunity to fill in your profile and add some additional changes. You also need to go through a MatchTruly survey to fill in some data so that site algorithms can search for you people you like. It will also help lonely women who are looking for a couple to find you because you will be perfectly suitable for them.

This site is very popular because of its main engines. Powerful databases and algorithms, as well as functionality together, create an ideal place to look for any characteristics. You can search for a person with basic information such as your name and place of origin. However, you can also add extended options such as having children or different habits and lifestyle.


Registration on the MatchTruly site is free of charge. You should follow the below steps to sign up:

Step #1

Firstly, visit the main page of You will see an inscription free of charge to join, and below this sentence, there is a window of registration in which you need to enter information about yourself so that the system could add them to the database and then use it for their algorithms to find the perfect partner for you.

Step #2

You need to enter your gender and who you are looking for. There are two options, you are a woman and are looking for a husband, or you are a husband who is looking for a wife. This saves time because in the future you see only users of the opposite sex.

Step #3

Enter the date of your birth in the next step. You need to enter only accurate information so that in the future there is no unpleasant situation in finding a partner. Your age will be taken into account in finding suitable users for you.

Step #4

Next, enter your email to confirm the information so it will help in the future for more intimate communication.

Step #5

Next, you need to think and enter your password. The password should be complex and consist of characters of different types so that in the future nobody could know it. You do not have to tell someone your password and do not store it in readily accessible places.

Step #6

Enter your name, agree to the terms, and click the register button.

Step #7

After completing the registration, you will be taken to a page where it will be indicated that the site wants to check your account before allowing you to use the site, so you need to wait some time. So during this time, you can get acquainted with the site more closely. (moderation)

Step #8

The next step in registering is to provide information about yourself, after which you can upload your photos for a better search.

Search and Profile Quality

Updating users on the site occurs every day, so you will not have time to feel alone. There will always be someone with whom you can chat. On the website, you can meet a lot of single women, according to the statistics provided by the site. There are 57% of female users and 43% of male users. Most of the people who are registered on the website are now looking for a couple, so you just will not have time to spare. All the girls who are on the site, have photos and some even have dozens and hundreds of photos. On the girl’s page, you can see her name, age, learn more about her, and decide whether to start a conversation with her. Also, in the details of the girl, you can find the description of the partner she is looking for, so you can see if you are approaching her.

With the video option, you can look at the girl almost in real life, in its appearance, manner of behavior, and so on. But unfortunately, not every girl has access to a webcam. To search for a woman, enter the data that is ideal for you, with advanced search, you can enter very detailed information to make it easier to find a future wife.


There is a dedicated security team working around the clock that is always worried about 100% security since the start of your registration. After registration, especially for girls, created a system of confirmation of their identity. That’s done because there are cases of fraud on the part of girls. Once you sign up, your profile will appear on the system.

But as everyone knows, nobody is immune to fraud and spam, so you need to be very careful and avoid such people. The rules of the site specify which things are allowed. But if something unpredictable happens, you can always contact support and get help at the same time.

The site recommends that everyone familiarize yourself with the rules of use for security. This platform is at the highest level of security than similar dating sites that ensure its uniqueness.

For better security, you need to avoid spam, unusual email as well as sending money to someone.

Prices and Plans

There are a few basic things about the payment system on the site:

Everyone can at any time find out about how much time on the site he has left and when the next payment will be made, that is, the website works transparently. Payment is made every month from your bank card. You pay for the credits that you use later when you are on the site. The credit system of payment is in demand in our time and is on most dating sites

When you buy credit, you can pay for the services on the site, such as video calls or messages. The pricing policy of the site is indicated in the payment information, so you can always watch the price update. The monthly subscription costs $ 9.99 for the moment and additional payment for the service.

The site uses only accurate payment systems that are popular all over the world, so you do not have to worry about it. More information can be found on the site.

Pros and Cons


  • positive and friendly members;
  • you can select any pictures of yourself, even taken from the webcam;
  • users can create videos and upload them on the platform;
  • woman nearly always online and instant reply to the message;
  • every female user is verified, and you can be sure of safety;
  • the data of girls affects their uniqueness, curiosity, and beauty;
  • extending search;
  • powerful search tools help to find each other quickly;
  • each new member of MatchTruly gets free credits to try every tool of the site;
  • the database is always updated;
  • prevent scams and protect members from fraudsters;
  • available from mobile device and tablet;
  • collect statistics so you can get more information about those who are interested in you;
  • international dating.


  • the price for using the services of the site should be more prosperous for some people.


In general, MatchTruly is ideal for all men from Western Europe who are searching for a second half to plunge into the feelings and adventures that await you when visiting this site.

It is worth noting that the security of this website is at a very high level, and employees are worried about each providing round-the-clock service. Thanks to the many features, you can find the true ideal of your future wife within a short time. The platform is very modern and convenient for all members. The billing system is transparent and easy to use, providing protection against fraud. This site is really good and is worth visiting.

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